We envision a world...

in which a small act of selflessness can be completely transformative.

in which leaders—young and old—can expand upon the present-day applications of science, technology, and mathematics to develop innovative solutions to enduring problems.

in which the influence of indigence is subordinate to the might of dreams and resolve.

in which through a collective global effort, we can foster hope, improve health, and save lives.

Initial Project: Water Sustainability

Kenya, Africa

By improving access to a safe source of drinking water within the Turkana Basin region, our team hopes to accomplish the following:

Mitigated health risks_1
Promotion of good hygiene_2
Decreased malnourishment_3
Reduction in mortality rates_4
Improvements in healthcare_6
Increased productivity by women_8
Increased education_7
Improved socioeconomic standings of women_9
Decreased poverty_10